Peacock School History   

This school history was started by Robert, Junior and Craig during the 2000-2001 school year while they were grade two students. Matthew, a Grade two student updated this school history 2004. In 2008 students in Mrs. Lamond's class added the next page to our changing school history. Our school has certainly changed a lot since it was first built in 1966.

Junior 2001

Craig 2001

Robert 2001

Matthew 2004

Peacock Primary School - 2007/2008

Peacock Primary School has students from Kindergarten to Grade 3 in English and French Immersion. There are now 362 students in our school.

We have had lots of changes in our school.

We have a new field. It has slides, swings, and a basketball net. It has a big fence all around it. It has nice green grass. Every year we have a Spring Fling. This raises money for our field and playground equipment.

Our school has new windows and new red siding. It looks really nice.

Our gym has new cool pictures all around it. We like our gym.


 Happy 50th Anniversary Peacock Primary!

On Friday, September 25th students and  teachers were joined by invited guests to start the year long celebrations for the 50th Anniversary of our school building. A special assembly was held in the gym. Past teachers, administrators, staff and students who went to this school building over the last 50 years were excited to be part of the launch of our celebrations. As the Peacock School song was being sung, Buddy, our school mascot arrived to help us celebrate. A slideshow was presented showing pictures of the school over the past 50 years...Wow has it ever changed! A reception was held in the Resource room for our special guests. Each guest received a commemorative t-shirt with the school logos of the school over the years. Then our guests were all escorted to classrooms where the students had prepared interview questions for their guests. Special thanks to our guests for coming and sharing their stories of Hamilton High, Hamilton Jr. High, Hamilton Elementary, Peacock Academy, Peacock Elementary and Peacock Primary with the staff and students. Thanks to Mrs. Mary Dalton, Mrs. Marg Saunders, Mrs. Paula Dawe, Mrs. Sue McLean, Mrs. Kim Waterman, Mrs. Sue Hillier, Mr. Cyril Peach, Mr. Doug Abbass, Ms. Doreen Blanchard, Ms. Sue Jensen, Mrs. Phoebe Coates, Mrs. Donna Kennedy, Ms. Bridget Murphy, Mrs. Barb Crawford, Mr. Art Williams and Mrs. Juanita Peyton. You folks were AWESOME!!!